Intercom Systems
  • In an effort to increase security, many houses and premises are lit up like a Christmas tree at night. Instead of detering intruders, these lights just illuminate their way, whilst at the same time lighting up the sky and wasting energy
  • With even a basic security lighting system, the visitor / intruder will automatically trigger the lights once they are within the protected area of the drive, garden or other communal site
  • Systems are available in many forms from standalone 1 PIR + 1 light combinations to more complex multi PIR + light systems that are fully controlled from inside the premises
  • Internal audiable warnings can be connected to the system to alert you via a warning beep or a 10 second recorded message that someone has entered the protected zone
  • Seperate areas around the house or business may light up independently as required via an internal controller:
    • e.g. Switch rear lights on permanent while having a garden party or BBQ whilst leaving the front lights on automatic detection
  • Wireless sensors are now available to allow greater flexibility when designing the system

A Jade Alarms system provides peace of mind and protection 24 hours, 365 days a year.